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Since its establishment, Zhengzhou Mingjiang machinery equipment Co., LTD has committed itself to providing high quality dry powder building materials production equipment for all clients. Elaborate Manufacturing, considerate service,reasonable price, is our consistent standard of behavior.  "customer oriented, service as the core, quality as focus" is our long-term value pursuit.


In product sales, we provide all-round service mode: design, development, manufacture, installation and debugging, technical maintenance, visit regularly. Through strict scientific quality management and fast & efficient service, we try to do our best in every stage, to fully solve customers' extra worries.


Zhengzhou Mingjiang machinery equipment Co., LTD has a group of skilled, first-class service staff, to serve you with all sincerity anytime!

Before buying machine,we offer the site planning and optimal design for free; After buying, we will send special after-sale service staff to the scene for guide installation & debugging, and help customers planning and management equipment.
n order to serve our customers better, we specifically formulate the following service process:

Before sale:

(1) choose of equipment model.

(2) design and manufacture products according to customer special requirement.

(3) training technical personnel for customer .

(4) planning site and design the best flow for the user.

During sale:

(1) the acceptance check of the products.

(2) to help customers draft construction plan.

After sale:

 build customer record to keep in touch with customers, specific as follows:

(1) establish the file, to control the supplied equipment use place, operation condition, visit time and contact method; Appoint special after-sale service staff, to guide customer installation. After complete sets of equipment installation finish, to help customers organization the field production, until customer satisfied.

(2) Detailed check in the daily information and treatment.

(3) Notify the end of equipment guarantee; And inform the equipment maintenance details.

(4) To statistics and analyse product quality and service problems, improve the quality of the service.

(5) The complaints because of non-quality problem, the customer manager and after-sale service staff will analyse, explain, make up and repair the damage together, and train the  operations staff for customer.

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