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automatic powder packager (dry mortar packager)

automatic powder packager (dry mortar  packager)

This machine is designed suitable for all type bags packing beside peritoneal bag. It has  high automation degree(computer intelligent automatic identification) and operation simple, only need artificial sidekicks can complete the whole process of weighing and packaging, save manpower, at the same time reduce the labor intensity, greatly reduce production cost, and enhanced the production efficiency, all technical indexes of the machine up to the international standard.
1, automatic microcomputer control, intelligent identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, accurate weighing;
2, a new design, unlimited reduce wearing parts, which both reduce maintenance cost, and improve production efficiency;
3, automatic realize filling bags, pressure, loosen, close,off bag, and so on functions, simple operation and durable;
4, the fuselage all sealed and equiped dedusting mouth, structure reasonable, durable and realize environmental protection production:
5, the packaging machine mainly using single, double mouth two types.
1 、Bag heavy error:± 0.2-0.5kg
2 、Bag heavy qualified rate:≥ 98%
3 、single mouth capacity: 8-15T/h
Usage: this machine is widely used in dry mortar, cement, putty powder, stone powder, fly ash, gypsum, ground calcium carbonate powder, quartz sand, Fire materials and so on powder material quantitative packaging. (According to user requirements, the packaging machine is open pocket and valve pocket available)
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